No fooling

Under current regulations in the US and Canada, companies do not have to label their products if they include GMO ingredients. They also have a lot of latitude on what they do list in their ingredients. One of the silliest is that ‘water’ as an ingredient can be listed as ‘aqua’. I don’t know why companies would want to do that, but if water can be relabelled as something else to influence you, what the heck else is going on with less benign ingredients? We literally are what we eat, and philosophically at least it seems self evident that we can reserve the right to know what we are- or are going to be- made of.

So if manufacturers aren’t giving us the unvarnished truth and they aren’t being compelled to do so, what can we do? One possible answer is lobbying for change. Another is to buy one of these handy products: A handy optical scanner that can tell you what chemicals are- or aren’t- in your food.

Nice work, Target. No fooling.


April 1st, 2016