Tesla take note

Batteries have come a long way. I remember back in the day… Okay, maybe I’ll spare you the trip down the NiCad memory lane. The interesting thing here is how developments in battery technology have transformed businesses in the last 20 years. When you take into account the energy sequestration market as a whole, this group is definitely changing the world.

So why should Tesla be paying attention? Well, because it’s going to take them longer to develop their factories to scale their current fuel cell and battery technologies than it will for better batteries to come along. Let me qualify that: WAY better batteries.

How do I know this? Well Tesla is scaling now to produce their model 3 and graphene batteries are here.

Want to know more about graphene? Give this article a read. If I were Tesla, and assuming that Tesla is actually serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and all that, I’d be designing these cars so that the battery packs could be *easily* changed out when new battery technology comes along. Because it will.



March 31, 2016