Eat your spoon

A good idea is easy to find. One that could disrupt an entire industry subsector, reduce greenhouse gases and make a tasty snack? A rare find indeed. This startup in India has all those attributes and more- they’ve developed edible cutlery in a variety of flavours. Given the opportunity, I’d use these every single time instead of disposable plastic.

Often these small things seem like they’re insignificant improvements, like they wouldn’t change things much. If you’re tempted to think like that, read this then think again: “ estimates 40 billion plastic utensils are used every year in just the United States.” (from, linked below)

That’s right. It’s a 40 billion annual unit market in the US alone. Changing this one small thing could make a big difference. Properly managed, it could also make some people a lot of money.


Eat with It and Then Eat It – Meet the Man Who Introduced Edible Cutlery to the World

March 28, 2016