Come in, Shedquarters

Here comes a new twist on the tiny house- the tiny office. North Americans are coming relatively late to the party when it comes to architectural space efficiencies compared to, say, just about everybody elsewhere. We North Americans are making up for it with enthusiasm though.

‘Shedquarters’ is a neat monniker. Think of it as a shed that stores you and your laptop instead of a rusty old lawn mower and some random garage sale gaak. Several entrepreneurs and building outfits are riding on the tiny office bandwagon by now. A few US ones are surveyed in this article. Tiny houses and offices certainly can end up costing less to operate in the long run, so that’s good. Any decent builder can tell you that some smaller building footprints can end up costing more per square foot to build than larger ones, but maybe that’s not the point for those who want these luxe sheds. Besides, who am I to get in the way of fashion?


March 29th, 2016